UPDATE: Due to high demand for perfect eyebrows, we cannot guarantee supply. As of August 11, 2022 we currently have product IN STOCK.

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“I always wished for thicker eyebrows... like Natalie Portman. Now when I look
in the mirror, I no longer have to wish. My brows look great."

“After turning 35, I noticed that my eyebrows were lacking fullness. Using a pencil
was embarrassing. Now my eyebrows are so full, I finally feel confident.”

Who doesn’t want fuller, thicker, denser eyebrows?
vegaBrow™ is the smartest choice to make your eyebrows bold & beautiful using breakthrough ingredients to activate your follicles so they naturally appear thicker, soft and natural like Royal Kate Middleton, or sexy and sultries like Camilla Belle, Keira Knightley, Mila Kunis, and Sandra Bullock. vegaBrow™ is formulated with a patent-pending combination of vegan ingredients that are safe, effective and will make your eyebrows look perfect.

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"You’ll love the results" Want thicker, fuller brows? #vegaBROW is the serum for you! Grow out your unplucked brows and grow those brows you've been dreaming of.

vegaBROW gives you the appearance of thicker, bolder eyebrows in as fast as 2 weeks. It’s safe, it’s fast, and it works. You’ll see.

Clinically Proven Ingredients You won’t believe your
eyebrows! #vegaBROW
volumizing serum builds
beautiful, bold eyebrows.

Thicker and fuller eyebrows,
faster. vegaBROW delivers
better results than brow
conditioners that contain
dangerous hormones – and in
up to half the time.

Real users love their enhanced eyebrows. Individual results may vary.

Why is vegaBrow being called one the "#1 Eyebrow Enhancer on the Market"? our eyebrows act to frame your eyes and draw positive attention to your face, making you look even more beautiful. Sure, there are plently of artificial ways to temporarily mask your thin, frail eyebrows, but using a pencil or brow styler gel is a phony solution! vegaBrow is a natural, patent pending serum made of a combination of safe vegan ingredients that provide a healthy alternative for your eyebrows and skin that you can feel confident using while loving the results. Use promo code “SHIPIT” for FREE SHIPPING + SAVE NOW!

Use promo code “SHIPIT” for

Use promo code “SHIPIT” for

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Finally Available to The General Public